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Originally Posted by 56LightsOut56 View Post
Thanks for the break and as far as I can tell the Plates and Patches redemption is for this,
Infinity Prime Jersey NFL Shield Signatures 1/1.
Cannot find a pic of these anywhere though, still stoked.
It will look good next to this other card I hit in a GB earlier this year.

EDIT - I just checked and it looks like the NFL Shield we hit for you is #'d /4 and not a 1/1.

congrats on the hit. I remember seeing that CJ. Definitely going to need to see a scan of the Emmanuel Sanders NFL Logo when it comes in. Hopefully it doesn't take too long for you to get it.

congrats to 56LightsOut56 and cincyboy who are the obvious big winners tonight. Cards will be mailed out on Saturday.

Here is my list of the top teams that cannot be owned by the same member for next month and future breaks. Let me know if you think there should be additional teams on the list:

Broncos, Jets, Lions, Rams, Vikings
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