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To everyone who hit a redemption: Please send me a scan once the card comes in if you do redeem the card.

Also getting the site updated tonight. The pics section will still be empty but the big thing is I have an Excel spreadsheet tracking all of the Autos, GU, RCs, and #'d hits by team. So look for that on the website at Monthly Box Breaks at BO - Home

Here is a recap of the April break.

Top 3 Hits(In my opinion)
1. Ken Anderson/Chad Johnson 2008 UD Premier Significant Stars Autographs Dual Silver Spectrum #'d 1/1
2. Emmanuel Sanders 2010 Plates & Patches RPS Prime Signatures NFL FB Shield #'d /4
3. Matt Forte 2008 UD Premier Auto Quad GU #'d /375

Team with most Autos - Cardinals (3)
Team with most GU - Broncos (2)
Team with most RC's - Chiefs (4)
Team with most #'d - 49ers (2)

A lot of the inserts were unnumbered so they are not reflected in the counts. Also just a note I looked at the presale list on Blowout and it looks like around July we will start to filter out 2008 products and bring in 2011 products. I am not going to put any of the "draft" products on the list but the first 2011 product I will consider is 2011 Elite which comes out mid-June. Thanks again for participating and hopefully I will see everyone next month.
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