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Originally Posted by ohiomike View Post
If its happening on days you have pending batches completed then its probably the discrepancy between the amount originally placed on hold and the amount actually charged to you once the holds are released. There isn't a transaction in the amount of the difference, but rather the holds are simultaneously wiped out when the actual processing fees hit. So your balance could change and the difference is basically reflected within the finalized fee amount. It could be different in you favor if a number of cards get rejected or you over counted, or it could be different with a negative impact on your balance if you under counter, condition notes were added, some cards were deemed oversize (like booklet cards or extremely thick cards, and in which case an oversize batch fee could possibly be added too even if its only 1 or a few cards).

Or perhaps something different will explain your specific case. But what I've described above has the potential to change your balance on days batches are finished, but the exact credit change won't show up as a transaction.
Yeah I understand what you described, but I didn't have any oversized cards, no top-loads in this group...I never thought of an extra batch, but that wouldn't explain this specifically. I am guessing it is the condition notes, but that doesn't explain last week (when it was $5 or so, and the batch wasn't due that day. I had at most 3 or 4 condition notes when all was said and done....but that amount would be the equivalent of 20 condition notes or so.)

I have absolutely no problem with money being taken out after the fact, but I would like to know why. I believe the majority of people would feel the same. Going forward, as COMC gets bigger and bigger, they will need to have that issue addressed in my opinion. We understand it, but newcomers won't. I think they should show it in your store history (both debit and credit), with a brief explanation as to why (i.e., 7 cards needing condition notes, 4 being returned etc.) I still don't see a place yet to find out what card(s) you have being returned to you. I mentioned having that available somehow and they liked the idea and would pass it on, so this could be similar and just something that they never even thought of. This is just minor now, but I know that this could be a bigger problem down the road, when they have more and more sellers. Better to do it now while COMC is still growing, and get it worked out, so it won't even be an issue in the future.
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