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Default Vote for 3 Products for Multi Product Random Football Team Break

Hello yet again everyone. I'm looking at putting together another multi product random football team break. The idea is that we put together around $2000 worth of stuff to bust. The price per slot will end up somewhere in the $65 to $75 range. To come up with the 10 products to be voted upon, I simply randomized a list of 50 football products using and the top 10 get into the voting. So, here are the options.

2008 Rookies and Stars
2006 National Treasures
2007 Limited
2009 Black
2007 Absolute Memorabilia
2008 Draft Edition
2008 Press Pass
2010 Unrivaled
2010 Supreme
2009 Prestige

Once the products are voted on, we can determine the best configuration for boxes and cases. For example, if National Treasures, Supreme and Absolute win, I have to figure out a configuration to keep that around the $2,000 budget.

We'll say first 3 products to get 16 votes win.
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