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Originally Posted by bmc398 View Post
If its run through the website.....and the website is shut down for other reasons then it can't happen through that website....use some common sense.

The OP wasn't saying that real money was involved...he was saying since the site was down it would be mighty hard to log in and play wouldnt it?
the website is not down..i checked it beforemy original posts andchecked it before responding now. I was referencing the money as saying there is no reason for the website to be shut down-like the others, since it is not a website for money play poker

Originally Posted by preakness View Post
this is a poker website where people have the ability to purchase tokens to play (hence money is involved)

that is why I thought gov't CAN possibly get involved with this site just like the gov't got involved on other sites on 4/15

use some common sense?
the fact that money CAN be exchanged on this site shows that I am using common sense and you basically owe an apology

Just because a card company is running a promotional tourney / contest on that website doesn't mean that there is 0% chance that the gov't would possibly shut it down since money CAN be exchanged in other locations of the website
yes you can play FREE POKER for TOKENS...these tokens are used for PRIZES, and yes you can purchase tokens for the arent making a $50 deposit to play in cash games/tournaments for money against other players...
FaceBook/Zynga does the same thing with all their games where you ca buy tokens for extra things in the games...
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