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Originally Posted by Jiggs View Post
Thats why now is the time to invest. The stock market isn't going to go down much more than it already has. If it does to the point where we are in a depression, we're all screwed anyways.
Yes but with the stock market you would have to keep it in there for awile and then you have to pay a lot of fees to trade and then you get taxed when you take it out. Hopefully by the time I have all my money (Febuary end of the football season when I take my money out of my sportsbook) the economy will upswing and I will be able to buy 50 cases of 08 sterling.

I am thinking of maybe a Mantle card...but that is too much money to put into 1 card...I am more looking at $2-5K cards rather than a 10K card.

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