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Originally Posted by jacobbigshow View Post
Thanks for the advice, do you have any old prices on the Ali autos? I would like to pick up some cards that have dropped in price like 50% which is bascially everything but just want to make sure.

And perhaps as others have mentioned I might try a mutual fund since I beleive that is the best way to invest since i do not know anything about the stock market.
I see the raw pro-lines are selling around 270. Before they were selling around 390-415. I think it is a great investment. He doesn't have a bunch of certiified autographs floating around out there. I believe he also has a Classic auto, but the auto's normally look very faded. Also, I don't think he does any show signing anymore. Could be wrong, but I think his health has just gotten so bad he is unable to do them.

The UD's I do not have any prices. These cards were a UD backdoor special. Very rare and go for a ton of money.
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