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For the stock market I strongly suggest you stay out of it, the drop is not over at all for now. Mutual funds are not good to do some daytrading, like it's what you want to do from what I understood. If it's for retirement plans and you can go with mutual funds, you will do the money on the long run. If you don't know the stock market, go with some companies you know that are healthy like Toyota motors for example. Even with those kind of companies, it will take time to be rewarded because you are not the only one looking for deals, they do also. We will probaly assist to many acquisition from the stronger companies, this will increase their risk and the stocks will drop or stay calm for a while until they concluded some benefits results of those acquisitions.

I think Canadian Banks are good picks since they have been dropped with the USA bank crash, but they are a way lot stronger (not in size, but in structure). They will for sure be profitable investments.

As for cards it will be a good period coming for buyers as many people will have money problems and we should see nice collections appears on ebay because people will need the money. Also card market will be hit first in this recession since it's more a luxury and not essential market. Less buyer will drop prices, as they already did from what you mentionned.

Another comment on the stock market. If you buy something, buy in chunks. Do not push allin in once. You should buy on the second rise of a stock also and on a strong purchase signal. Not on a drop, or not on the first rise.

Sorry if I'm hard to understand sometimes, english is not my first language.
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