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Default Blowoutcards 2011 NFL Draft Promo!

2011 NFL Draft Promo!

Alright everyone, now that these prospects have had a chance to show off their 40 times, vertical leaps, and 3-cone drills, it's time to see where these future NFL stars of tomorrow will be drafted!

Good Luck to all!

The first round will take place on Thursday, April 28, 2011
The Second and third rounds on Friday, April 29, 2011
Rounds 4-7 will be held Saturday, April 30, 2011


2011 Leaf Metal Draft Football Hobby Box

Each box contains 4 AUTOGRAPH CARDS including a mix of Rookie autographs plus insert autographs including Young Guns (quarterbacks), Touchdown Kings (running backs and wide receivers) and Leaf All-Americans (10 of the games most exciting young players). Also, look for PRISMATIC Parallels at multiple levels: Prismatic, Blue Prismatic, Red Prismatic(#'d to 5) and SUPER Prismatic(1/1).


1) Correctly predict the order of the first ten picks of the 2011 NFL Draft (#1-10)

2) TIEBREAKER #1: Guess the total number of Quarterbacks selected in the First Round

3) TIEBREAKER #2: Mr. Irrelevant (the last player selected in the draft) will be an offensive or defensive Player (Choose One) (Kicker = Offense, Punter = Defense)

Example Entry:

1) #1 - Cam Newton
#2 - Marcell Dareus
#3 - Von Miller
#4 - A.J. Green
#5 - Patrick Peterson
#6 - Robert Quinn
#7 - Blaine Gabbert
#8 - Nick Fairley
#9 - Tyron Smith
#10 - Julio Jones

2) 4 Quarterbacks will be drafted in the First Round of the 2011 NFL Draft.

3) Mr. Irrelevant will be an Offensive Player.


1. No Purchase Necessary to participate
2. In the event we still have a tie (after the tiebreaker), the 1st Post with the correct entry will receive The HOBBY BOX.
3. Your entry must be posted in this Thread to participate.
4. All picks must be submitted by 8 AM EST on Thursday, April 28th 2011.
5. You must notify us via email at of your correct entry by 1pm on Monday, May 1st 2011. (Once informed, we will check your post in the thread to verify)
6. You are not allowed to edit your post or your submission will be automatically void and your entry will be disqualified.
We reserve the right to alter, cancel or change this challenge at anytime for any reason
7. Only 1 entry per person
8. Most important....HAVE FUN !

Thanks again for your continued Business and Support !


UPDATED: 9:13 AM Friday April 29th:
The Draft had a lot of twists...Julio, Locker and Gabbert really messed up alot of picks ! It was alot of fun to watch but I don't think anyone correctly picked the top 10. Still hope all of you had fun with it. We're going to put up another promo to try and give out the Box..stay tuned !


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