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Quick update on LOST RELICS, as well as a brief note about our new Premium Pack format in general. As you may already know, the idea behind Rittenhouse’s Premium Pack products was to continue creating products for certain TV shows, movies and comics in smaller, more affordable production runs than it would otherwise be in a traditional 12-box, foil pack, case configuration. The results of our first effort in this new Premium Pack format – Spartacus: Blood and Sand Trading Cards – suggest that we are on the right track. This first product sold out very fast.

As we are fine-tuning our efforts to make this new format as appealing as possible, we’ve come to the conclusion that our typical Premium Pack Box (containing 15 Premium Packs) should contain a master set of cards. For what should seem to be obvious reasons, we are not making an explicit guarantee, but the general idea is to continue making it feasible for someone to open a full box of any Premium Pack product and receive a master set and more from the contents of any single Premium Pack box.

As we’ve “masterminded” the “master set” approach to Premium Packs, we’ve worked it out so that the same will be true for our upcoming LOST RELICS Premium Packs. Originally, we had said that it would take about 2 boxes to make a master set. Now, it should be only 1 box. If you have any questions about this change or about the new direction we set for Premium Packs, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Our goal is to make these products as attractive as possible, as inexpensive as possible, and as profitable as possible for everyone. Thanks so much.

Steven M. Charendoff
Rittenhouse Archives, Ltd.
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