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There are a few problems i see with the outcome of this "Draft".I know supplemental draft is coming but:

- Why would they waste a draft pick on Big Show? Last time i checked, the unified tag team champs could go between brands anytime they wanted. At least thats the way its been in the past. Waste imo

-Why would you waste 2 draft picks on Cena? I mean it made sense when he first got moved to Smackdown, as it was a draft and anything can happen. But the last pick of the night was him back to Raw? so basically that was 2 wasted picks, since nothing changed..

-Why waste a pick on Sin Cara? sure he first appeared on Raw, and was on Raw last week...but didnt he also appear on an episode of Smackdown 2?? im confused...if they wanted him on Smackdown couldnt he have just went there like he did before?

-Why handicap one of the Main Events of the upcoming PPV? The drafting of Cena back to Raw completely screwed the Smackdown Main Event imo. After Cena was drafted to Smackdown, it and Del Rio to Raw it was up in the air you had:

Miz (Raw) champion vs Morrison (Raw)vs Cena (now Smackdown)
Del Rio (now Raw) vs Christian (Smackdown)

possibilities of Christian winning and being champ on SD, or Del RIo winning and taking the title to Raw and Miz losing and Cena champ on SD.

Now, the 3-way is all Raw again so no matter who wins will be champion on Raw. So doesnt that kinda make it obvious that Christian will win and become champion, since Del RIo is now on Raw?

make sense?

anyways..pretty poor imo
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