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Default Triple Threads/League Leaders PC

Testing this out. Thanks to all who helped. You can find my Raiders and Bears PC in the link also.... I'm looking for more Triple Threads rookies from any year and any league leaders cards from NT, Only bought 1 box of it and fell in love with the gold variation patch 1991 league leaders I pulled, bought the rest on EBay.

Over the next week I will update this post as I add about 150 more hits I own in my football PC, along with some MMA and some older years of all other sports from when I was younger.

Keep in mind this is my first time using a scanner personally and photobucket yet I've built 50 computers and networked 20 business's heh

It will be much more organized and maybe better quality as I navigate my way around, any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Pictures by wiidiis - Photobucket

EDIT: I Pulled these two in the same day out of 2 boxes!!! Best luck I ever had with any product since I started collecting again this year....

Thanks for looking!

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