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Originally Posted by mnvikingstwins View Post
Supplemental draft results:
To Raw:
Drew McIntyre
Curt Hawkins
Chris Masters
Kofi Kingston
Beth Phoenix
Tyler Reks

To Smackdown:
Daniel Bryan
Great Khali
Alicia Fox
William Regal
Yoshi Tatsu
Ted Dibiase
Tyson Kidd
Alex Riley

Why not just cut the Usos, Fox, Tatsu, Kidd, Tamina, Hawkins, Masters, Reks, and Ryder? And now both mid-card champs are on SD
i can see most of those last names u mentioned absolutely being released soon, except for Ryder. He has such a following online and is starting to get talked about backstage.

However im really confused by this overal mess.

You have Smackdown with:

you have 10 believable heels (Riley, Clay, Rhodes, Zeke, Slater, Gabriel, Wade Barett..and now after the draft Mark Henry after turning on Raw, Sheamus, Dibiase)..compared to 4 believable faces (Christian, kane and now Orton and Bryan)..+1 if you consider Sin Cara as relevant. Im not counting Undertaker either since he rarely the hell does that make any sense??? not to mention the fact that as you pointed out-both mid card titles (US and IC) are on the brand..both by heels

Things are way more even on Raw..

and again as i pointed point in drafting Big Show, since him and Kane can go between shows (as verified by another website i read)

and why in the hell did JTG get drafted to Raw? for what purpose??
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