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Originally Posted by sandlotsportcards View Post
They could have said tough #@#@#@#@, we advertised two autos and two relics but we are only giving you 1 auto now. At least they are willing to do something about it. People were complaining yesterday that the boxes had less than advertised and now people will complain they have to send the UPC in. Everything would be so much better if UD still had a MLB license and 90% of their products tanked *sarcasm*
This may be the case, but how many times has Topps done this within the past year? Almost every other product that comes out, Topps makes some sort of announcement about a "mistake" they made & how they're going to "make it right" with collectors. It's getting old & a company like Topps should be held to higher standards, having been in this business for so long.

Not to mention how horrible their CS is on a regular basis. Other companies will honor expired redemptions, but not a company who's been around for 60 years. Enough of this, "At least they're willing to..." BS! They're plain lazy & don't give a flying #@$% about consumers.
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