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Originally Posted by nephinfan View Post
Might as well make a habit of it.
I just had to dumpster-dive at the LCS parking lot wearing a suit and tie (although I did take off the jacket first), much to the delight and amusement of the owner and the other regular in the shop.

Originally Posted by sandlotsportcards View Post
Price on this isn't going to drop much. Hobby was not produced in near the qty people were figuring. Production cut was at least 20% based on original non-hit odds and the ratios they are falling now. If you were buying this product for the hits from the very start, you were buying for the wrong reason. This is similar to A&G. Rare, bigger hits sell well but this is a set and mini card product.
Exactly. I could tell production was cut when I was getting 4-5 paper frames /999 per box when the original solicitation said one per box. I'm too lazy to piece everything out, so I put my minis in lots and the bidding is looking good so far. Definitely a set-collector product.
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