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Originally Posted by auctionjmm View Post
I think you actually made Jim's point just there. The orders were NOT coming in and so Topps did not produce much of it. Hence why it is now tough to find and very expensive. Shops and distributors underestimated customer demand, especially after seeing people on message boards trashing this idea (and many still are). Topps sells to shops, not to customers, so they could only produce what the shops and distributors wanted. My LCS is already sold out and he said his phone won't stop ringing with customers asking if he has any left.

The point Jim was making is don't listen to the naysayers. They've been wrong about every product this year and continue to be wrong. All the Bowman bashers will learn this lesson too when Bowman continues to go up in price despite many trying to knock it down.
Depends on how you read the comments I guess. I don't agree that it should be a rule of thumb by any means, and that was the point I was trying to get across. It's hit & miss with each & every product. There's no formula to know which product will be great & which will be watered down, especially when it comes to Topps steering the ship.
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