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Originally Posted by VinnyH View Post
I feel bad for Rick or anyone else who was using gift too much. I am thankful that we have this thread now to quote to everyone else. I've been trying for about a year, by PMs, to convince sellers that gift isn't a good idea and paypal is watching.

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PS: I still owe Rick some Marlins slides once I get into my attic. haven't forgotten.
Nothing to feel bad about, it is what it is lol.

What sparked Paypals initial attention was there was a stretch when my brother was deployed overseas with the Army to Germany. He tried to use his civilian bank card to buy some stuff & the bank here in the USA froze his account on a fraud alert. The bank knew he was in the Army because they had previously frozen his account a couple years prior while he was in Germany before. He had to call them & tell them he was actually there, etc & they assured him it wouldn't happen anymore. Fast forward a few years later & they froze his account again. He was fed up with that bank & decided to switch banks. So while he was transferring all his money to a new bank he needed a couple bucks to get by while all his transfers were going through & I gifted him a few different payments totally about $1,200 over the course of 2 weeks. (Keep in mind $1,200 is about $700 euros). Same last name & everything, Paypal froze my account.

It could have been that I was sending Gift payments overseas & that Paypal is really trying to crack down on money laundering. Not sure.

After they froze my account, they started an investigation on my account activity. That particular account had easily $200,000 in sales over the last 14 months & when they started investigating that account it was around Christmas time & I was selling a lot of brand new Apple products on eBay. I really ramped up my sales like I have done years prior due to it being the holiday season. I had over $15,000 in sales in the first 2 weeks of December alone with a lot of it being brand new Apple iPods. They sent me an email asking for invoices from my suppliers, my supplier telephone number & address & his supplier. A lot of crazy stuff. I supplied all of the information & they ruled that even though I had direct suppliers from Apple (all legit) that it was too risky. I've never had any issues with eBay or Paypal before this & had a ton of money go through the account with buying & selling. To them brand new electronics carry a risk & they decided to freeze my account for 180 days to make sure nobody had to file a credit card charge back. (Someone can file a credit card charge back on any Paypal purchase 180 days or 6 months from the time of purchase). So after 180 days, I'll be out of Paypal jail I suppose. lol

Also, even though Paypal had an issue with my volume and/or the type of items I was selling around Christmas time, never once did I get a message from eBay or suspended from eBay for the items/volume I was doing. It seems eBay was fine with it & Paypal wasn't. I just thought it was odd one would "suspend me" while the other let me keep going.

Because of all this, I've done a ton of research about Paypal & have learned to not keep hardly any money in the current account I stay have open & if anybody has any questions I can do my best to answer them with the research I have done. lol
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