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Originally Posted by dizzydolse View Post
You sound like a clown, Topps has become a total joke. Whether its the stadium seat relics scandal in Tribute, awful quality control on basically all 2010 Topps products, poor customer service, over priced boxes, and now this...Topps is doing everything it can to officially ruin the hobby for everyone. They probably did this on purpose knowing tons of people won't send in their UPC, wrappers, receipts, etc...just to get a missing Jeremy Guthrie auto. Seems pretty hard to screw something up this bad but whatever, keep defending Topps and using that brilliant logic as they rob you blind.
Boxes are overpriced because of consumer demand. Topps has not really changed their factory direct price much. Ask any LCS owner. These crazy prices are 100% demand exceeding supply.

How is Topps robbing us blind? I've made a killing on their products this year. Everything they put out has turned to gold. Dealers and shop owners are rolling in money this year. If Topps is so bad then why do they continue to thrive?

I've had no problems. Customer service is 4 for 4 handling my problems efficiently in the last 6 months and I've had some memorable breaks. I spend about $3,000-$5,000 per month on their product and will continue to do so as it puts money right back in my pocket.
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