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Originally Posted by sandlotsportcards View Post
That's the thing, if it isn't delivering super sick mojo hits and 10 second event worn relics, it's crap. Like you said everything Topps has put out this year has been a money maker regardless if it was missing something, quality control, etc... People are still buying and are for the most part happy. If you look at Topps big money makers it is normally all base brands, A&G, Heritage, and some odds and ends sprinkled in. Someday people will realize with most Topps you have to open qty and put together various sets, inserts, team lots etc... I don't open large qty but I'm not oblivious to how much money has been made recently with Topps.
Great, not everybody is in this hobby to make money and dump thousands of dollars into cards each month hoping to make a career out of it. Most collectors want to buy a reasonably priced box of cards without having to deal with any problems and headache. And if they are going to charge $300 for a box, people don't want to pull a Babe Ruth stadium seat relic thinking the whole time that it was his GU bat. And then have to hear Topps basically admit they were deceiving with their cards after they monopolize the card market.
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