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Originally Posted by dizzydolse View Post
Congratulations, I've heard you mention how well you do with selling cards more than once. Do you think you are in the minority or the majority of collectors who spend thousands each month on Topps products and love their CS?
If I spent $100/month would it really matter? I am not in the card business because the money is good. I am in the card business because I love cards. Any profit is just an awesome incentive. For every error that Topps makes there are thousands of other cards that come out of the presses just fine. And when they don't, Topps usually fixes it.

Customer service sucks for people who complain, scream, yell, or act like idiots on the phone or e-mail. A simple explanation of the problem, please, and thank you has usually resulted in quick turnaround time by their CS.

And once again, Topps only sets a baseline for their prices. Everything else you see is market fluctuation. Gypsy Queen should have been $95 a box but demand drove it up to $150...BECAUSE PEOPLE ARE BUYING. And if the "majority" of buyers are not big spenders or dealers, then the point you were making loses it's value. If the majority really did share your views of Topps, they wouldn't be doing such a good business right now. People are happy. Not including you.
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