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Originally Posted by TOMBB25 View Post
That's weird, Topps usually doesn't make mistakes......
Originally Posted by kyle1707 View Post
I opened 3 boxes and saw 3 others opened

so 6 total..

only 1 box had 4 hits...

the other 5 boxes had 3 hits...

Nice work topps..

How can you screw that up over and over and over
Originally Posted by nephinfan View Post
You've been in business how long now, Topps? I guess it takes time for a new company like them to figure out how to run things properly.
Originally Posted by Brad View Post
You have to wonder what scrubs they are going to get to sign these "make-good" autos...
Originally Posted by nephinfan View Post
This may be the case, but how many times has Topps done this within the past year? Almost every other product that comes out, Topps makes some sort of announcement about a "mistake" they made & how they're going to "make it right" with collectors. It's getting old & a company like Topps should be held to higher standards, having been in this business for so long.

Not to mention how horrible their CS is on a regular basis. Other companies will honor expired redemptions, but not a company who's been around for 60 years. Enough of this, "At least they're willing to..." BS! They're plain lazy & don't give a flying #@$% about consumers.
Originally Posted by auctionjmm View Post
If the majority really did share your views of Topps, they wouldn't be doing such a good business right now. People are happy. Not including you.
You're right man, people are thrilled. And if you spent $100/month, yes it would be a lot different. To me, it sounds like you are in this "hobby" to make money, but I guess I have to take you at your word. If you think I am the only one unhappy with the trend Topps is setting you are lost. People are buying because they really don't have many other options and Topps does put out good product. I'm not saying every product Topps puts out is a disaster, but collectors deserve more IMO. Also, people are buying because it really isn't a big enough deal to drive people away, it is after all a hobby.
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