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Originally Posted by Frankp2311 View Post
Not seeing this.
4 box topper SPs = $20 minimum
30 other mini cards = $30-$50 depending on parallels.
2 relics = $10
1 auto = $7
6 framed paper = $18
24 inserts = $20
At least 1 additional hit (plate, gypsy, leather, etc.) $10-$20
Approx 200 base cards = $32

So $147-$177 for a bad box. Any decent relic or auto hits would put you close to or above $200. In 3 boxes I had at least one $25+ hit in each box. Was I lucky? Not based on what I'm seeing in other box breaks. I have a 10 box case being delivered today so I'll know more then.

Obviously the value is even better if you break in quantity. Master sets are over $200 and base sets of 300 are $40-$50. A case break of this stuff would certainly yield a profit as of today. Now the waiting game starts in terms of how much retail hits the shelves and how quickly it sells out.
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