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Originally Posted by auctionjmm View Post
So much bitterness on this forum. I feel like I've had this discussion a dozen other times. I like how assumptions are often accepted as fact here. You assume you know the cost of doing business, and then others believe it when you tell them they'd lose $100 on a box of cards.

I don't sell cards to lose money and I wouldn't blow smoke up someone's ass to make them think anything other than the truth. How about you let the people who ARE listing, packaging, sorting, going to the post office, etc. comment on the cost of doing business. I consistently maintain a 10-15% profit margin AFTER fees and overhead, so I feel I can comment on a product's value accurately. I don't work for Topps. I work full time for a local school district, making an average salary, that I supplement with an eBay business on the side.

I am starting to notice a trend here though. Most of the big sellers don't even comment here any more. They silently run their businesses and let everyone else complain about Topps, eBay and Paypal, and how everyone is getting robbed and losing money. Too bad society has become so liberal and blame-happy. We now live in a place where hard work, intelligence, and perseverance is out of style. It's sad.
Don't you understand that this isn't about you? You are in the minority, nobody cares what you make with your card business. This is about the average collector that doesn't feel like having to work hard because it is their hobby, something they try to enjoy to forget about work. They shouldn't have to spend their free time mailing back crap to Topps just to receive what they were promised and so they don't feel like they weren't lied too. People don't want to drop $150 on a box of cards to be disappointed time after time whether it's damaged cards, missing hits, fake GU material, missing redemptions, etc.

Please don't act like you're the only one that sells on ebay, I also sell there, as most people here do, and I know what it costs as just an average, low quantity seller.

haha, looks like a couple people made my same points as I was typing, right on

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