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Originally Posted by h4auto View Post

You are the minority(making money) in the collecting business. The AVERAGE collector gets smashed buying cards. I have made alot and lost alot in the card business(actual business). The card companies are very deceptive in descriptions and policies. The venue for the sellers(ebay) is ridiculously against sellers.

To me the average collector is lucky to break even and enjoy the hobby. But to say it is easy to make money in the collecting business is not correct, if it was easy, everyone would do it. So you see the MAJORITY complaining.
You are right the average collector doesn't make money. I know. I collected cards as a kid and probably sold back 10% of my cards at shows which I used to buy more packs. That's commonplace for any hobby. Someone asked if $145 was still a fair price, and I responded that value-wise, it was. Now whether that collector saves or sells is up to him but that shouldn't undermine a single box's value.
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