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Default I've heard this one before...

I submitted claims to Topps regarding UFC Knockout. I had 2 boxes missing autos and 1 missing an auto /relic card. I also mentioned how I busted an 8 box Master case and received 0 case hits! They took care of me alright. They sent me replacement autos. Tank Abbott Auto/Relic #/188, Kevin Randelman Auto /88, and Seth Petruzelli Auto / 188. Are you freaking kidding me!!??? They sent me 3 of the worst autos in the set. The Petruzelli isn't worth the card stock it's printed on. I'm sure you will all get replacement autos of players you never even heard pf. Don't expect any quality replacements from Topps just scrubs.

Topps CS is horrible. Wish they weren't the only game in town
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