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Originally Posted by stumpfreeman View Post
With all due respect, I am happy for the people that make money and have good boxes. But you have to believe me when I tell you that my son and I have had huge issues with Topps when it comes to the boxes/cases we have broken in the last year. As collectors we never even think about getting our money back, but we do expect to get what we pay for. Every case we broke last year was missing hits (only 3 various cases for us). Topps customer service was very good at sending our replacement scrub autos. Who knows what the autos would have been if they were seeded properly in the cases/boxes. The others are right, you are the MINORITY. When I see someone saying that they maintain a profit margin busting boxes of cards it sends up a red flag in my head. I do respect you and would never call you a liar, but you have to understand that when our experiences aren't the same as yours, we will adamantly disagree with you. It's kind of a big deal to have missing hits or damaged cards when you save up to break some boxes, collect your team, and trade for your team. We shouldn't have to contact customer service at Topps 1/10th as often as we do. You and I are involved in the hobby in a completely different way and will probably never agree. If I had to think about listing things as fast as I could and worry about my profits, it would ruin this leasurely hobby that my son and I enjoy. In my opinion, you have had a great run if you profited on every product you broke last year. But I think you will eventually see a loss when you consider everything you've put into it. Just my honest opinion based on the experiences I've had, I wish you a continuation of your LUCK.
I appreciate that Stump, and understand completely what you are saying here. My "trick" if you'll call it that, is I only bust product in quantity that traditionally yields good value. I'm not over here breaking Triple Threads, Tribute, Heritage, or even Bowman Chrome for profit. I'll crack a box or two for my own personal enjoyment, but that's maybe 10% of my spending. I'm like the guy 2 posts above who was up on those Value Boxes. Something like that is guaranteed money. Topps Series 1 was guaranteed money. Bowman Platinum and Draft were guaranteed money (if you broke several cases of each and got in when prices bottomed out). That's my gimmick. Call it capitalism or whatever, but I simply watch the market and jump on something when I see prices trending upward. Get in early at the lowest price possible, and Luck might add a few hundred to a break. I also make up for "bad breaks" by selling wax when it heats up. For example, I bought a boat load of Gypsy Queen retail boxes for $48 each and nearly doubled my money on them this week. That does help make up for crappy cases (and I have had crappy cases).

And for as crazy as it sounds, the headache of sorting, listing, shipping, and doing it all over again is actually enjoyable to me, so in many ways I think me and you both enjoy the hobby very much, but just in different ways. Good post nonetheless Stump.
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