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Original post updated...the only people i havent heard from yet arent online often and its only 3 still waiting to hear from 49erFan, i sent original pm like i did to everyone, and a follow up last night and still no response. I see he has been active since both pms have been sent and even sent a pm to MOD. Not trying to be rude/jerk about it but its holding up the process. If anyone knows him/talks to him please have him return my pmor post in this thread thanks

Originally Posted by Canucksfan1812 View Post
Btw, how many times are you randonmizing the list??
Once it gets paid for, it will be flagged for the MOD to random. I have no idea how many times they will random the list, but i feel this is the best way to go in order to avoid any potential conflicts.

I will give the others who dont frequent the board often until tomorrow night to respond, and then i will send out another pm.

Feel free if anyone wants more slots ill put you down as back ups, or if you know of anybody that is interested feel free to inform them.

This is basically done except for a few slots. Id hate to have to cancel and refund because of a few people backing out last second.
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