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Originally Posted by bd3d86 View Post
I think the situation with Topps Gypsy sucks. If I buy a box advertising a certain number of hits, I expect those hits. I realize mistakes happen and the company that makes the mistake should fix it. I think they are trying to fix the problem, but if it is with a bunch of junk autos then that's a different story. I may be in the minority, but Topps CS has been fine for me (although I tend to be nice when I write my emails or call).

In terms of making money on cards, that is a joke if you don't know what you are doing or just buy boxes here and there. I don't mind a "little" work when I do open packs/boxes because I realize if I want to rip and flip I have to do the work. I keep cards for my PC, make a set (usually), and sell the rest. Over the last month I have opened over 40 of the $14.99 value boxes and over 30 of the $7.99 packs. I keep track:

Total spent - $1134.13
Total amount sold: $1498.50
Ebay/Paypal fees: $198.45
Profit: $165.92

With all that I still have 4 base sets of Topps, 15 SP's away from a Heritage Master set, about 1600 Topps base, 700 Heritage base, extra Heritage SP's, Chrome parallels, etc. Also, keep in mind through all those boxes I only got: 1 Sparkle (Adam Dunn), 2 SP's (Ty Cobb and Jimmie Foxx), 4 jersey's (Felix Hernandez, Joe Morgan, Dustin Pedroia, Mark Teixeira), 1 Heritage auto (Tom Parsons), 1 Heritage Stamp (Mejia/Roberts). Not one MAJOR hit in the bunch. I have seen some great hits in those too.

I've done this same thing over the years with 2009 and 2010 Allen & Ginter, 2010 Topps series 1, Topps Mayo, and a few others. I don't make huge profit, but I come out ahead and keep a set for myself. I am not agreeing or disagreeing with anyone here. Just throwing my 2 cents in.
Wow! You are lucky with the value boxes. I have bought about the same amount and have hit only one SP and four Heritage relic cards. Still missing a ton of cards even to make both base sets let alone master sets. I stopped buying them now and will try to trade to finish my sets. Got a crap bunch of duplicates that I will need to get some money of somehow.
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