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Originally Posted by stumpfreeman View Post
Just scan the UPC code from the box, UPC codes frome a couple of packs, and your receipt. Your supposed to put an X, or punch a hole through the UPC codes. Then attatch the scan to an email with a description of your issue and your address and you should have a replacement in a couple of weeks or so. Here is a link to the Topps support page that explains how to email them for fast service:

Frequently Asked Questions |
Not for this Stump. They are just asking for the UPC to be mailed. I don't think they are doing e-mail submissions. At least that's not what their announcement was. Maybe to prevent duplicate redemptions since 90% of the boxes are affected. Someone could easily scan all their codes and purchase receipt, and then sell the boxes to a customer who could then use the same codes but have a different receipt, and then if that guy sold the codes on eBay that person could use the codes and send in their eBay receipt. You'd have 2-3 redemptions on one box lol. And nobody is going to be checking the exact spot of the whole punch or X's either. They want the hard coardboard for this one.
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