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Originally Posted by auctionjmm View Post
Not for this Stump. They are just asking for the UPC to be mailed. I don't think they are doing e-mail submissions. At least that's not what their announcement was. Maybe to prevent duplicate redemptions since 90% of the boxes are affected. Someone could easily scan all their codes and purchase receipt, and then sell the boxes to a customer who could then use the same codes but have a different receipt, and then if that guy sold the codes on eBay that person could use the codes and send in their eBay receipt. You'd have 2-3 redemptions on one box lol. And nobody is going to be checking the exact spot of the whole punch or X's either. They want the hard coardboard for this one.
Bummer, that would take some guts. They need to start putting a serial number on each box, LOL.
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