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Press Pass salutes armed forces in upcoming set

Sat, May 71:55PM ET

by Chris Olds

NASCAR and patriotism seem to go hand in hand with the sport's grassroots appeal and its famed interactions between politics and performance -- like when President Ronald Reagan watched Richard Petty win his 200th race in 1984 at Daytona.

However, the latest NASCAR card set from Press Pass -- the lone licensee for the auto racing organization -- takes it a step further as its next product will be "for those who serve and collect."

Courtesy of Press Pass
Check out Dale Earnhardt's card and inscription.It says so right on the box.

This year's Press Pass Stealth set, which arrives on June 1, will be military-themed with card designs and insert sets (bonus cards found inside packs) that are focused on the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines as well as the U.S. Coast Guard. Other bonus cards will focus on commemorative cards for POW/MIA and other selected military highlights.

But the real hits are likely to be the military-themed autographs that several drivers have signed, complete with extra inscriptions referencing the military or thanking them for their service.

For example, Dale Earnhardt Jr. signed his cards with three inscriptions -- "Semper Fi" for the Marines, "Bless our soldiers" for an overall effort and an even simpler "Thanks."

Other younger drivers added similar writings as Jennifer Jo Cobb added a "Hooah!" and Justin Johnson added "God bless the USA" and Josh Wise signed cards with a few sayings, including "Aim high! Fly, fight win!" (See a gallery of more images here):

The recent news of Osama Bin Laden's death and the subsequent wave of patriotism flowing in the country right now wasn't something that prompted this product -- it's a fortunate development for the North Carolina-based company -- as the autographs have been signed and returned for some time now in advance of the product's release next month.

Press Pass salutes armed forces in upcoming set - Page 2 - ESPN
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