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Scheduled Delivery:
Thursday, 05/12/2011, By End of Day

Last Location:
Departed - Baltimore, MD, United States, Tuesday, 05/10/2011


I wanted to ask a mod for the randomization tonight so that you could move/sell/trade slots. As long as we can get the random done by tomorrow afternoon you will have 24 hours to handle any transactions.


If the case does indeed arrive on Thursday, I will break Thursday night. How about beginning at 7pm EST? Would you prefer 8pm or 9pm? Let me know your preferences by posting them here in the thread.

If we break on Thursday night, I will mail your packages on Friday. Yes, you read that correctly - I will mail your packages on Friday.

If we pull a card for your team worth more than $250, I will ask you to upgrade your shipping to insured priority mail with signature confirmation. It will cost a bit more, but I will only charge exact shipping... this is only if you hit a monster. I hope you do BTW!

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