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Default 2010/11 In The Game ITG Decades - 1980's Hockey Slot Group Break

oK..Gotta at least try for the Master Case!

2010/11 In The Game ITG Decades - 1980's Hockey 20 Box Case - $1,649.99 : Blowout Cards - Sports Cards and Trading Cards Wholesale Online Store

Sell Sheet Info:

Here's how I'm seeing this.

Configuration: 20 boxes per case. 1 pack per box. 9 cards per pack.

Each box is Guaranteed to include:

Three hard-signed Autograph Cards - 3 Slots per box - One per Auto
Three Authentic Game-Used Memorabilia Cards - 3 Slots per Box - One Per Relic
One Decades Rookie Card - 1 slot all three insert cards
One Non-Memorabilia Insert Card
One 100 Years of Hockey Card Collecting Card.

Price looks like this

20 Boxes w/7 Slots per Box is 1649.99 / 140 = 11.79

To ship a 3 oz package is 1.75.

Figure .50 for Supplies (bubble mailer, paypal ship label, possible sleeves and toploads, etc). I do figure the Hits will be toploaded

At 7 Slots per Box were at 14.04 + Paypal (.75) = 14.79 - call it 14.75 for the first Slot and 13.25 for additional slots.

Break to be hosted live on ustream (iluvfish2) and box contents will be scanned and forum recap presented. Product is live June 2 (what a bday present and guessing we'd have it by the 3rd at the earliest. So probably a June 6 or 7 break and cards to ship asap afterwards (typically within a few days). Only snafu I can forsee is if this is delayed around a week (for my knowledge this is ready to go and has been a multi year project for ITG to complete) I have my 10K Race on Mackinaw Island on June 11th, but will be leaving the 10th since its 4+ hours north.

Which option sounds best? Prices may go up or down depending on product price and/or how much can fill.
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