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Originally Posted by cdub6238 View Post
please dont indulge the forum troll known as Gellman. Take whatever he says about Panini with a grain of salt. He is a die-hard Panini hater-always has been and always will be-while he rides the coattails of UD saying they could no wrong ever.

I will admit it would make sense for the timing of the delay, but that can be expected with the #1 pick i guess. If story holds true though it just goes to show you how greedysome of these "rookies" can be. Apparantly they offered him less than top 5 money, he wanted more anywyays, and then when he went # he doubled his price.

Not sure what the deal is with Ingram..yes hes the best/most popular RB in the draft, but its not like he was going top 5 or even top 10 for that matter. The highest he was ever slatedto go was #15 to the Dolphins. It also doesnt make sense that he apparantly appeared for all of Panini's after-draft deals such as interviews and interviews for the Panini website.

Anywyas, Panini will get this done 1 way or another one would hope (if not thats a lot of wasted production). But if they dont, it would not be a blow to Prestige imo. Yes Newton is the #1 pick and a QB, and Ingram was the first RB taken....and it cant really compare to Defensive players...but how did Prestige do last year without Suh or Berry Autos.

Lasi checked all the draft picks are right about the same..Newton holds a slight edge as far as sales, but Gabbert, Locker-even Dalton and Kaepernick werent far behind as far as Leaf autos. AJ Green were also in the range. Yes it would suck for those who chose those teams for this break, so i hope it gets worked out.

Sorry for long rant
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