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Originally Posted by The700Level View Post
Thank you for the break. I am in for the other club all the way.

Thanks! Be sure to post that there too (if you haven't already).

Originally Posted by bboi30 View Post
Excellent break Chris. You did a great job brother. Im hoping you wanna do a trade or purchase for the Rays stuff. LMK and thanks again for an Awesome break.
I will get you a list here shortly. I have created the lists for randoming and have reported them to the mods. As soon as a mod gets a chance, they will do the random and post it in the thread.

Originally Posted by Anderdale View Post
Great break Dini. I usually get discouraged if I join a break and skunk but $20 aint losing much lol! And I have a chance for some wrappers or usa cards. I will definitely join the next break!
Yeah, the Red Sox were a bummer - but you got a wrapper or auto plaus maybe a USA... plus, good karma for the next break. Bowman Platinum.

Originally Posted by The700Level View Post
Sounds very fair to me. That way everyone gets something. Chris again thank you.

Originally Posted by stone184 View Post
Thanks for hosting! It was a good time!
My pleasure. It was fun!

To view the videos - 12 boxes, sterling break, and recap - go here:

YouTube Videos are in process!
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