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Originally Posted by Gibberish View Post
I find it damn funny 1 guy has an issue,passes a name to his friends,ends up here :0
Well, 1 person can create change !! rofl
I've never used this list and so far my eBay selling experience has been very positive.

I think this list is for those sellers that want payment within 4 days. (8 days if you count the non-payment-claim time) And for that it's probably pretty good.

However, I am a much more forgiving seller. I allow 14 days for payment, followed by a 7 day cancel transaction request. (21 days to make payment) I allow buyers to cancel transactions anytime should they decide they don't want a card. I never try to punish buyers or extract revenge for bad behavior. I just move on to the next sale, which more than likely will be a positive one.

The downside is I occasionally get a cancelled transaction on a hot card and lose money because the item resells 21 days later at a lower price. That is a big downside, too much of a downside for those sellers that really try to capitalize on those hot card sales. eBay allows sellers to request payment in 4 days, and then another 4 days for a non-payment-claim, so 8 days is the minimum a seller must wait. I used to do that 8 day method, but I found when I did that I received low DSR marks on my communication. So that's a risk I'm not willing to accept. There is an upside to allowing 14 days for payment. I find that many buyers like the 14 day payment time and thus end up buying more items from me with combined shipping. My sales to repeat buyers went up dramatically when I switched to 14 days for payment.

I suppose if my eBay experience was less than positive, then I'd consider using this public block list. However, even then, I'm not sure this list is the best one. In my opinion, this list lost a lot of credibility when guru was found to be on it. guru is probably one of the top 20 buyer/sellers on eBay. That he could end up on that list shows the vulnerability of a list like this one.
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