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Originally Posted by patschwen40 View Post
Is this stuff comparable to absolute or not as nice???
I haven't collected a set since the 2009-2010 season so I dont know how it shapes up with the absolute for this season.

What is weird here is that there is no card checklist and they are only showing parallels. where are all the insert pictures and stuff?

I dont know what the odds of getting a Video card are but nevertheless, i've already put my preorder for half a case of this. HOpefully its the half with the case hit or else I will be a sad panda.

I hope they start releasing pics of the fabric swatches and other memorabilia cards in this set. BAse cards look like #@#@#@#@. To me, studio had the best looking panini base cards last year (but everything else was #@#@#@#@ in that set).
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