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Default CASE #1 LIST

Same List as page 6

1 Straw44 Cleveland Indians
2 JDK16 Tampa Bay Rays
3 shika Colorado Rockies
4 Pacerjones 20 San Diego Padres
5 Straw44 Baltimore Orioles
6 Troybuilts Los Angeles Dodgers
7 jkvegas Chicago Cubs
8 Dacubs Seattle Mariners
9 joserobles Houston Astros
10 bboi30 Florida Marlins (from Bruvydsb)
11 dimer10 New York Yankees
12 Troybuilts Boston Red Sox (from Tai)
13 The700Level San Francisco Giants
14 Tai Chicago White Sox (from Troybuilts)
15 DenverSJB Texas Rangers
16 Pacerjones20 Detroit Tigers
17 thatkidbilly Milwaukee Brewers
18 hmmdecloth Philadelphia Phillies
19 pmannings#1fan Arizona Diamondbacks
20 peterose4hof Pittsburgh Pirates
21 shika Los Angeles Angels
22 jusdukky Washington Nationals
23 Troybuilts St. Louis Cardinals
24 hmmdecloth Atlanta Braves
25 TheCardKid3511 Toronto Blue Jays (from kelleys1)
26 grahamgdogg Oakland Athletics
27 peterose4hof New York Mets
28 DenverSJB Kansas City Royals
29 Troybuilts Cincinnati Reds
30 Poonchka Minnesota Twins (from ReinholdMessner)

For those of you who made trades, please confirm that the above list accurately reflects those trades. Thanks.
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