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Default's todays update and my current thought process since this is due out in about 2 weeks. We have currently 62 Slots Available (78 of 140 Taken). Given 7 slots a box (3 auto, 3 mem, 1 inserts) to cover all of the slots we have already, we're 6 slots shy of completing a 12th box. I say we go with that.

We had originally figured on 1649.99 /20 = 82.50 a box by the case

Blowouts Box Price is 84.99.

New numbers would look like this (looks like 0.25 increase per slot):

84.99 * 12 = 1019.88 / 84 = 12.14

To ship a 3 oz package is 1.75.

Figure .50 for Supplies (bubble mailer, paypal ship label, possible sleeves and toploads, etc). I do figure the Hits will be toploaded, but with enshinred they were not.

At 7 Slots per Box were at 14.39 + Paypal (.81) = 15.10 - call it 15.00 for the first Slot and 13.50 for additional slots.

If this works for everyone, I'll report, get the quote from blowout (which may lower it), get it moved to active and start taking payments. If anyone drops out, I'm inclined to drop it to 11 boxes since at the moment we're only 1 slot over the 11th full box.
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