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Just got an email from Pat at Blowout.

There are only 2 boxes of the Mystery Jersey left.

So, for the third group, we are going to do 3 mystery helmets. They are USA guys - so we will randomize them and the 3 bonus autographed cards that come with them.

What that means is that for the last group of 30 (#61 - 90), each slot will be entered into a random for the three autographed helmets and the three autographed cards... so you have a 1:5 chance at one of these. I know it is not as good as a jersey, but you are 6 times more likely to get a hit.

Price quote is on its way. Platinum went up again, but even without a discount (and we will get some sort of a discount), it will only be a difference of 30 cents or so per slot...

Also, I need payments in by 3pm tomorrow (if at all possible) so that we can order the cases and have them ship tomorrow.

As soon as I get the $ quote, I will send out the pms for payment.
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