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Originally Posted by dirtydistance View Post
So I have a question about the thickness of cards. My last batch I wound up getting the oversized charge because I wasn't aware of it and sent in some Sweet Spot helmets. I have some Sp Authentic Rookie Authentics patches and auto/patches from football that I'm thinking of sending in, does anyone, possibly Jeremy could chime in, know if these are considered oversized or if the normal processing rate applies?
I had the same issue. I've sent plenty of super-thick cards such as Exquisite and haven't ever had an extra fee. However I recently sent some of the Jordan Supreme Court floor cards from SP Authentic and got charged the oversize fee. I think those are 200-pt, which is the thickest I've seen.

It would be nice to have some clarification. I was hoping to send some Leaf Ultimate football, which is advertised as 180-pt thickness. I expect oversize for graded and encased cards, but I'd like to know where the line is drawn with standard-size cards. This also can affect sales, since the buyer is also charged an extra oversize shipping fee.
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