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Originally Posted by dirtydistance View Post
So I have a question about the thickness of cards. My last batch I wound up getting the oversized charge because I wasn't aware of it and sent in some Sweet Spot helmets. I have some Sp Authentic Rookie Authentics patches and auto/patches from football that I'm thinking of sending in, does anyone, possibly Jeremy could chime in, know if these are considered oversized or if the normal processing rate applies?
Originally Posted by Tarheel View Post
I had the same issue. I've sent plenty of super-thick cards such as Exquisite and haven't ever had an extra fee. However I recently sent some of the Jordan Supreme Court floor cards from SP Authentic and got charged the oversize fee. I think those are 200-pt, which is the thickest I've seen.

It would be nice to have some clarification. I was hoping to send some Leaf Ultimate football, which is advertised as 180-pt thickness. I expect oversize for graded and encased cards, but I'd like to know where the line is drawn with standard-size cards. This also can affect sales, since the buyer is also charged an extra oversize shipping fee.
That is a great question, and I'm actually working on a document for our website that will hopefully clarify exactly what counts as "normal" and what is "special sized". The trick is that I want people to be able to print out the doc and compare their cards to some handy silhouettes, so I've got to design it in a format that will print images the same size no matter what web browser or print software people use (which rules out a .pdf or .doc format). If anyone has more document creation experience than me (very likely), my ears are open.

Here's the official size info, text version.

LENGTH and HEIGHT - Your card is considered normal sized if it falls into one of these two categories:
If it is no more than 3.5 inches wide x 3.5 inches tall
If it is no more than 2.6 inches wide x 5.25 inches tall

Regardless of dimensions, your card is considered 'Special Sized' if it is more than 130pt in thickness - about 1/10th of an inch.

That means tall basketball cards, vintage cards, and many of the oversize a&g cards can all be processed as normal sized. Bat barrel / helmet cards, folding Triple Threads cards, and the like are too thick.

WHY? (don't feel like you have to read this if you're not interested)
Our business does well because we have found clever ways to do things very quickly with consistent quality. Any time we charge extra it is because a certain situation has made it harder for us to do one of those two things. In this case, scanning thicker cards takes a different process than regular ones - it's slower and harder to do well. We don't want to be jerks about it, of course, which is why we picked the cutoff at 130pt instead of 50pt. I hope to get the official document on the website soon.

Okay, so that was probably more explanation than anybody really needed. But there you go. COMC: boldly boring our fanbase where no company has bored before.



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