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Originally Posted by dbaks View Post
Unfortunately I probably can't watch the break live....are you recording and posting the videos?
Yes, both

Originally Posted by jlzinck View Post
So the lists have been reported to random right?
And when the random is done we will start the drafting today?
yes, yes

Originally Posted by ReinholdMessner View Post
seriously, why do randoms hate me?
Has to do with magnets... and the alignment of the planets.

Originally Posted by Troybuilts View Post
Am I reading this right, out of 9 spots the best draw I got was a 12?
Guys, there is so much random value in these breaks... sure you are probably not going to get one of the big three unless you trade, but we have done 3 of these breaks already (TC & BP1, BP2). The Nationals were good in one, the Braves were good in one, and the Cubs have been 0-for. The Pirates kicked @$$ and the Twins were pretty good.

Originally Posted by The700Level View Post
Draft #1 22nd
Draft #2 9th
Draft #3 22nd

Is 22 lucky or a curse?
Lucky, or a curse of luck.

Originally Posted by peterose4hof View Post
Talk about opposite ends of the spectrum, I got #1 (Yeah!) and #30 and #28 (Yikes!)

Let me know when you want me to pick. I will be taking the obvious team. (Cough Cough Strasburg Cough Cough)
That's not how you do it: break 1, pick 1 Nationals

Please do not cough all over your draft pick, I have to touch these you know.

Originally Posted by Casebreaker View Post
so how do the jerseys go to for instance i see hermida is one of them he is on a different team now than the one that drafted him right??
Major League jersey goes to that team, minor league jersey goes to the mother team, USA helmets get randomed amongst all 30 in 3rd break.

Originally Posted by pakman916 View Post
So are we doing this? Let's start the draft!
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