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Originally Posted by Casebreaker View Post
if there was a draft that you hope to do bad in it would be this one, since your draft pick is only for a few boxes out of a case. would hate to have the nationals in group 2 and have the strasburg auto pulled in group 3...
There are 10 boxes in each group.

Originally Posted by JDK16 View Post
true i thought we were doing 3 seperate cases i dont like this format as much but its still cool.. i mean even though i got 2 awesome picks i might not even get a hit
We have done a 12 box case of TC and a 6 box case of BP that had no Stras auto.

The first thing I mentioned in the discussion thread and this thread is that it was 1/3 of each case. 1/3 of 3 cases = 1 case worth of boxes.

If it was 3 cases each, how could I have put the whole thing together for less than $25 each?
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