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Originally Posted by dirtydistance View Post
Thanks, you're doing a great job buddy. Always been helpful on here and when I do business with you over the phone like earlier today. Which I forgot to ask you. In regards to my previous question, the Sp Authentic rookie authentics patch/autos, would they be standard or oversized. Might hold off on sending them in with this batch as I'm gonna try and rush to get one packaged to beat June 1.
Thanks, I really appreciate it. We don't have any of the rookie authentics patch/autos in right now so I'm not 100% sure, but I think we can process those as standard size cards.

Originally Posted by Jono View Post
Browsing by year/set seems a bit off. This is most noticeable in 2011 baseball. Is this related to the recent upgrades?
Very possibly. I've sent you a PM. Thanks!

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