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Originally Posted by Nodie27 View Post
i'll put TTT as a Sept product option. I will try and move it along soon before any price jump.

I would prefer to bust something like TTT because that would involve a lot less sorting through base....just my 2 cents
There's a Memorial day sale on 9 box cases of 2011 TTT, bringing the cost down a bit. Looking at what we have for August, we could do TTT in august (really July since that's when it comes out) if we pre-sell the teams, and do Lineage for Sept. Either way, we can lock in a sale price. I don't know which way makes more sense, I don't really know what TTT does after it comes out. I know eventually it goes down, but does the price fluctuate a lot?
Always looking for low # Eric Young Jr and Andrew Cashner cards!
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