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Originally Posted by thatkidbilly View Post
I am OK with TTT but let us not assume TTT is our financial goal. I would like to make sure the is enough money to break Bowman DRAFT!! (1st Overall Draft Pick, can I happy for the Pirates at least once a year ? Clemente is no longer on any checklist).... As well as being in GREAT FINANCIAL POSITION to start next year
How much are cases of Draft, generally? Assuming $80 a box (what I remember last year's being, ish), we're still well within Draft price range, just from one month's dues. We can also use October and December as build up months. If we like Draft, we can just go buck wild and break it a few months in a row, as well. TTT isn't the goal, but enough people mentioned wishing we could break it that I thought there was a general consensus that was something we'd like to try to make happen.
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