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Default Marvel Masterpieces 3 writer autograph list

From all of the auctions these are the writers that have come up. Unless there are some rare ones out there this should be it. I have seen around 200 auctions under way or end. If anyone can add to this list please do.

Dan Abnett
Mike Avon Deming
Mike Baron
C.B. Cebulski
Tom Defalco
Todd Dezago
Steve Englehart
Larry Hama
Paul Jenkins
Andy Lanning
Jeph Loeb
David Mack
Howard Mackie
Dwyane McDuffie
Greg Pak
Jimmy Palmiotti
Jeff Parker
Ben Raab
Jim Salicrup
Walt Simonson
Roger Stern
Roy Thomas
Paul Tobin
Fred Van Lente
Brian Vaughan
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