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For my first batch of TTMs I decided to shoot for the stars and send to a bunch of guys that probably wouldn't send back. Got Cliff Lee back today, so I've got actual results to post.

Player Sent TO Sent Received Result
Justin Morneau Twins 5/25/2011
Joe Mauer Twins 5/25/2011
Michael Cuddyer Twins 5/25/2011
Carl Pavano Twins 5/25/2011
Josh Hamilton Rangers 5/25/2011
Nelson Cruz Rangers 5/25/2011
Cliff Lee Phillies 5/25/2011 6/3/2011 card returned, form letter and preprinted postcard
CC Sabathia Yankees 5/25/2011
Curtis Granderson Yankees 5/25/2011
Kevin Youkilis Red Sox 5/25/2011
Yogi Berra Home 5/25/2011
Always looking for low # Eric Young Jr and Andrew Cashner cards!
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