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Default sharing the cards i added to my pc

no pics srry but here we go

10-11 Panini Crown Kings Omri Casspi auto RC #'d to 699
07-08 Topps Echelon Baron Davis #'d to 999
04-05 UD Standout Signatures Zoran Planinic #'d to 100
09-10 UD Draft Edition Leo Lyons auto RC #'d to 999
09-10 UD Draft Edition Garrett Temple auto RC #'d to 999
04-05 UD Rookie Authentics Zoran Planinic auto RC #'d to 1250
04-05 Presspass Kirk Snyder auto RC
03-04 UD SPX Rookie Troy Bell auto/GU #'d to 1999
07-08 UD SP Significance Raja Bell/Leandro Barbosa Dual Auto #'d to 50
05-06 UD SP Rookie Authentic Ike Diogu auto #'d to 100
10-11 Panini Christmas Card J.R Smith GU #'d to 499
10-11 Panini Threads Damion James GU RC #'d to 399
05-06 Topps Bowman Andrew Bogut GU
05-06 Topps Bowman Gerald Green GU
06-07 Topps Bowman Chrome Yao Ming GU #'d to 400
05-06 UD SP Authentic Manu Ginobili All-Star Weekend GU
09-10 UD Three Star Swathes Arron Gray/Robin Lopez/Thaddeus Young GU #'d to 50
06-07 Topps Finest Allen Iverson Star of Stars #'d to 399
04-05 Etopps Dwayne Wade Limited Edition OF 2,000
96-97 Topps Kobe Bryant RC
03-04 Topps Lebron James RC

and i have alot other RC's,#'d cards and Inserts LMK wat u think of the stuff i added to my pc
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